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avazzia, horse therapy, micro current for horses
B.E.S.T.= B.iofeedback E.lectro S.timulation

Electro-Stim Biofeedback Solutions For Veterinarians, Ranchers and Pet Owners

BEST-Vet and BEST-Vet PRO provide pain relief, wound healing and increased range of motion for animals under stress. Ranchers have used BEST-Vet to help revive calves; hunters have used BEST-Vet to help their dogs recover after a hard day in the field; horsemen and horsewomen have used BEST-Vet in a variety of applications – to help range of motion, improve wound healing and treat founder (laminitis).

BEST-Vet devices offer the following:

    * Non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatment for acute and chronic pain in animals, either through direct application of the device’s onboard electrodes or by using conductive brush electrode, conductive pads or loop-and-hook sleeves.
    * Treatment to improve range of motion, including “locked up” joints.
    * Treatment to help increase perfusion for better blood circulation and improved lymphatic drainage.
    * BEST-Vet is used on animals in place of or in addition to therapeutic massage to reduce stress and improve performance.

B.E.S.T.-Vet Pro  $1,175 (Extended Frequencies)

B.E.S.T.-Vet $699

(Both available as Standalone or as Kits below, please call for more info thanks)

B.E.S.T. Vet Kit
B.E.S.T. Vet Pro Kit
avazzia, horse therapy, micro current for horses

Therapeutic Microcurrent Device
designed to stimulate healing resources including hormone, opiate, endorphins,
as well as sending oxygenated blood to an injured site. 
Provides immediate relief to pain.

4 Settings

    * MSP Mode

(Muscular-Skeletal Pulse)
(provides soothing relief of muscles and joints with deep massage mode)
* Chronic Mode

(relieves long term recurring pain)

Vet Mode

(Reduces swelling)
    * Acute Mode 

(helps speed healing of new sprain, cuts, wounds)

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